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Safety Equipment - Fire Extinguishers - First Aid Kits - Specialist

Welcome to Sylprotec's website, the safety equipment specialist in Montreal and across the province.

This website is your information hub on safety equipment sales and consulting services, including product details, training, promotions, new products, an online catalog, testimonials, our company profile and address.

We boast a large selection of safety equipment ranging from fire extinguishers, hoses, and containers, to first aid kits, fall-prevention devices and eye, ear and respiratory protection equipment and more.

Our product offer also encompasses clothing, helmets, signalling equipment, emergency accessories, various types of absorbents, storage units and a large selection of industrial products for day-to-day safety.

We have one of the largest selections on the market and our safety products are fully compliant with Canadian standards. Shop via our online catalog!

Sylprotec has been the premier provider of safety equipment since 1987.

Don’t hesitate to send us your comments or call us if you have questions regarding residential, commercial, industrial or scientific safety equipment.

At Sylprotec, your safety is our priority™!


Sylvain Patrice t.p.i.
Safety Equipment
Fire Extinguishers
President - Sylprotec



Safety Equipment - Fire Extinguishers - First Aid Kits - Specialist - Montreal - Sylprotec