In several buildings, fire hoses are installed alternately with portable extinguishers. Like fire extinguishers, fire hoses require annual inspection as well as periodic hydrostatic testing. The inspection frequency is established according to the standard of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 1962 latest edition). In summary, fire hoses must undergo an initial hydrostatic test after 5 years and thereafter every 3 years.

The inside diameter of a fire hose is 1 ½ ”and the length can vary from 50, 75 or 100 feet.

Sylprotec distributes 4 main categories of fire hoses:

  • Indoor hoses: These hoses should not be used for washing garages since their casing is only one thick;
  • Single-shell Multiflex hoses: These hoses are rubber coated. Ideal for washing garages;
  • Mill Hose: These hoses are recommended for construction sites;
  • Jacketed hoses: These hoses are recommended for intense service.

In addition, we offer you the following accessories such as;

  • Circular and horizontal hose reels;
  • Taraton vertical reels for I-beam;
  • Trinale Keys;
  • Plugs for Siamese couplings;
  • Lance for 1 ½ in. Hose.
  • High visibility cover for hoses.