Do you already use absorbents or keep some in store in case of accidental spill? Sylprotec offers a large selection of products to meet your needs.

We have a range of product capable of absorbing various types of liquids such as water, oil or chemicals for:

  • Manufacturing companies who incorporate absorbents such as cooling liquids or oils in their manufacturing process;
  • Reacting to an accidental spill;
  • Protecting the environment;
  • Compliance with emergency plans or fire emergency plans.

Absorbents are sold as maintenance products or emergency kits.

Absorbents used for maintenance purposes are selected based on daily spillage volume. Accordingly, some quantities can be used to create a barrier while others will be dedicated to confinement or absorption. Absorption ratios vary by product.

When used for emergency purposes, absorbents must not only absorb the spill but also stop it from spreading.  Our emergency kits are designed to deal with various types of spillage. Emergency kit containers are secure and approved for hazardous material transportation.

Absorbents come in various packages:

  • Sheets;
  • Pillows;
  • Regular collars or flotation collars for water bodies;
  • Rolls;
  • Gravel in bags of 18kg;
  • Lab kits;
  • Emergency kits for aqueous liquids;
  • Emergency kits for oily liquids;
  • Emergency kits for chemical liquids (Hazmat);