Do you find standing on hard floors painful? If so, our anti fatigue mat selection will peak your interest. Anti fatigue mats help improve productivity by reducing work-related fatigue. The cushioned layer makes it easier for workers to:

  • Move leg and calf muscles;
  • Maintain normal flow of blood back to the heart;
  • Reduce discomfort and tension in the neck and lower back.

Anti fatigue mats come in two varieties:

  • Mats for dry areas;
  • Mats for wet areas.

The work environment determines how you should select the mat composition. Our selection of antifatigue mats includes:

  • Zedland carpets ideally cushioned for cold floors;
  • Worker’s Delight Mats made from Zedland and rubber;
  • Safewalk light mats with holes, ideal for wet environments;
  • Mats for welders;
  • Anti static mats;
  • Clean room mats that capture contaminates.
  • And many more.

You may purchase Anti-fatigue mats in predetermined sizes or by roll.