Curtains – Welding screens – Retractable curtains

Our selection of removable barriers includes insulating strip curtains, welding screens and custom-made retractable curtains. Retractable curtains can be affixed to the ceiling or floor. Removable barriers come in various materials such a vinyl, fire-resistant cotton, Kevlar or aluminum-coated Kevlar.

Our large selection of removable barriers address the full spectrum of specialized requirements, including:

  • Overlapping strip curtains to protect loading docks from cold or used as interior dividers;
  • Welding screens with 1 to 4 panels of various sizes. Rollers available to move shields smoothly. Welding curtains made of 14 mm vinyl, available in yellow, orange, blue, green and grade 8 green;
  • Removable curtains available in a variety of materials can be affixed to the ceiling or floor;
  • 14mm vinyl dividers. Available colors: yellow, orange, blue and grade 8 green;
  • 16 to 40mm clear vinyl dividers;
  • Poly-vinyl green, vinyl-coated polyester fiber;
  • 10, 15 or 20 oz fire-resistant cotton;
  • Kevlar or aluminum-coated Kevlar to shield against heat;
  • 19 or 40 oz neony, neoprene-coated vinyl;
  • Weldflex to shield against heat;
  • Heatstop, silicone-coated fabric to shield against heat;
  • 18 to 61 oz Agotex and Agotex plus to shield against heat.