All public buildings and multiple dwellings are equipped with emergency lighting equipment, some of which is even connected to generators. Its purpose is to allow occupants to securely exit the building during a power outage.

Emergency lighting units are essentially comprised of 4 components:

  • A casing;
  • A circuit acting as a switch as soon as the power goes out;
  • One or several rechargeable batteries ready to power up;
  • Headlamps mounted on a single unit or connected to the master unit.

As a rule of thumb, emergency lighting units are equipped with 1 to 4 batteries. We recommend replacing them every 4 years because their useful life spans 3 to 5 years. Refer to section: Services – Emergency lighting.
Accordingly, it’s safer to replace them every 4 years.

You should also be aware that we distribute CSA-approved emergency lighting units and accessories such as:

  • Single 6 volt units with 2 heads, equipped with a 27 or 42 watt battery;
  • 12 volt master units powered from 160 to 360 watts;
  • 24 volt master units powered from 550 to 720 watts;
  • Combo units equipped with exit sign and emergency light;
  • Batteries of various power;
  • Replacement bulbs for headlamps;
  • Bulbs for lighted exit signs;
  • Energy-saving bulbs for lighted exit signs.

Keep safety at a premium by calling on the Sylprotec team to inspect, maintain and make minor repairs to emergency lighting units.