Do you need gloves?  Perhaps your current ones just don’t do the job anymore? Sylprotec is sure to have what you need. With our large selection of gloves and sound advice, satisfaction is guaranteed.

In fact, gloves are legion on the market. Some are better suited than others in terms of durability, comfort, dexterity and price. Consider the following when shopping for gloves tailored to your needs:

  • The working environment;
  • The tasks that workers are required to execute;
  • How often they will be using the gloves;
  • The price-quality ratio.

Our large selection of gloves address industrial, institutional, medical and personal needs. Below is a list of commonly used gloves distributed by Sylprotec:

  • Cotton gloves, in lighter and thicker fabrics, for general use;
  • Smooth or split leather gloves for mild handling and abrasion protection;
  • PVC or latex-coated polyester gloves for comfort and abrasion protection;
  • Kevlar, Dyneema or Spectra gloves to prevent cuts;
  • Metallic fiber gloves for butchers;
  • Thinsulate insulated gloves for cold temperatures;
  • PVC gloves for handling liquids;
  • Rubber, nitrile or neoprene gloves for handling liquids;
  • PVA gloves for manipulating solvents and strippers;Disposable vinyl, latex or nitrile gloves used by the medical, pharmaceutical or food industry;
  • Insulated cotton or aramid gloves for the food industry or industrial ovens;
  • Glove sizes more suitable for women and even some models for children.