At first glance, hearing protection may seem trivial to some. However, that would be underestimating the effects of over-exposure to noise, which increases stress, moodiness and absenteeism not to mention associated costs to the company and to employees who will ultimately need a hearing aid. In addition, hearing problems may lead workers to isolate themselves as it becomes increasingly difficult to communicate with others. As a result, this type of risk deserves careful consideration before it becomes a real problem.

For starters, be aware that ear protection is necessary when ambient noise exceeds 85 dB. Noises such as these:

  • 120-150 dB from airplanes;
  • 100-110 dB on highways;
  • 85-100 dB from a lawnmower.

Our selection of hearing protection equipment covers a variety of applications, from industrial noise to recreational activity noise. Sylprotec offers the following equipment:

  • PVC ear plugs, in addition to disposable polyurethane models and reusable silicone models. Available with cord. Noise reduction varies from 29 to 33 dB depending on models;
  • Eardrum protectors or banded ear plugs made from PVC and polyurethane for disposable models or silicone for reusable models. Designed for workers with occasional exposure to noise. Protectors dampen noise by 25 to 28 dB depending on models;
  • Various shell models: headphone styles for hard hats, with fasteners on hard hat, equipped with AM/FM radio, radio-communication equipment, push to talk and touch-sensitive for kids.

Sylprotec can help you choose the appropriate hearing protection. A good hearing protection device will reduce noise to 75 to 80 dB, without over-dampening noise to prevent the worker from removing the protection to talk or due to discomfort.