Inspection of Emergency Lighting

Prevent people from falling, loosing their way in total darkness or wreaking havoc during power blackouts. Think ahead by calling on the Sylprotec team to maintain and make minor repairs to emergency lighting units. Count on us to:

  • Replace batteries periodically;
  • Replaced burnt bulbs;
  • Replace internal circuits;
  • Make minor hookups, except for those requiring an electrician;
  • Replace emergency lighting units.

After each inspection, we will produce a report detailing emergency lighting units in stock, which can be used for future reference and as a management tool.

You should also be aware that we distribute CSA-approved emergency lighting units and accessories such as:

  • Single 6 volt units with 2 heads, equipped with a 27 or 42 watt battery;
  • 12 volt master units powered from 160 to 360 watts;
  • 24 volt master units powered from 550 to 720 watts;
  • Combo units equipped with exit sign and emergency light;
  • Batteries of various power;
  • Replacement bulbs for headlamps;
  • Bulbs for lighted exit signs;
  • Energy-saving bulbs for lighted exit signs.


Don’t delay until emergency lighting units breakdown. It’s wise to invest in preventative maintenance, for the sake of your employees’ health and safety.