Over the years, Sylprotec came to establish a first aid kit inspection service, which may be executed yearly or monthly. Regular inspections are an effective way to control and replenish the content of first aid kits. However, it’s vitally important that onsite first-aid attendants carefully maintain their kits because they will be on the front line should anything happen.

Accordingly, we developed a unique approach to meet your needs. We can prepare a list of contents for first aid kit tailored to your company. Of course, competent authorities will require a basic minimum content. Building on that minimum, you can add other components that could be used frequently in relation to your type of activities. For example:

  • Tweezers to remove splinters, widely used by furniture manufacturers;
  • Water gel dressings for burns;
  • Ice packs for strains and bruises;
  • Easy to spot elastic blue dressings used in the food industry.

To improve employee safety during emergencies, we recommend posting signs to indicate the location of first aid kits and first aid post.
In addition, we can supply specialized equipment for first aid rooms, including:

  • Beds;
  • Wheelchairs;
  • Stretchers;
  • Blankets;
  • Oxygen;
  • And much more.

Finally, you could sign up for inspection services for first aid kits but also fire extinguishers, fire hoses, eye wash stations and emergency lighting equipment.