Lockouts – Padlocks – Seals

Padlocks, lockouts and seals are designed to lock machinery equipment and avoid accidental start-ups. To prevent accidents, machines requiring maintenance, repairs or unblocking are required to be locked or sealed beforehand.

Accordingly, padlocks and lockouts add a layer of security by preventing other people from starting up the machinery while workers are servicing the equipment. In a nutshell, it is mandatory to lock equipment or machines when workers are conducting maintenance work, repairs, unblocking equipment or any other manipulation that may put them at risk. 

The components of a lock include a shackle, locking mechanism and label. We distribute a variety of products:

  • Ball valve lockouts;
  • Butterfly valve lockouts;
  • Round valve lockouts;
  • 120 and 550 V electrical plug lockouts;
  • Circuit breaker lockouts;
  • Switch lockouts;
  • Multiple-person lockouts;
  • Cable lockouts;
  • Electrical lockouts kit;
  • Circuit breaker lockouts kit;
  • All purpose lockouts kit;
  • Padlocks;Lockout stations;
  • Lockout labels;

In addition, some models are available in various colors for safety color recognition:

  • Red for fire hazard (ex.: halon);
  • Yellow for high-risk (ex: propane gas);
  • Blue for low-risk (ex.: argon);
  • Green for minimum risk (ex.: water).

Never work on unsafe machinery. Your life depends on it. Don’t hesitate to inform other workers on locking methods and rationale.