Dealing with contaminants that leave you little or no breathing space?
Unsure which breathing apparatus is best for your activities?

Sylprotec can recommend respiratory protection equipment appropriate to your field of work: pharmaceuticals, building maintenance, furniture manufacturing, renovating or simply for your personal protection.

All of our protective respiratory equipment is NIOH-approved and manufactured by reputable companies such as:

  • 3M, a leader in innovation;
  • North Safety, a premier manufacturer.

Sylprotec can recommend a wide range of respirators for occasional or prolonged use, and caters to the needs of individuals and manufacturing industries alike:

  • Paper masks certified N95, R95, N100, R100, P100;
  • Canister masks, widely used;
  • Powered air purifying respirators, or PAPRs;
  • Supplied air respirator systems;
  • Self-contained breathing apparatuses, or SCBAs;
  • Maintenance products for respirators.

Follow the steps below to choose the appropriate respiratory protection equipment:

  • Identify the contaminants in your work environment and the extend to which workers are exposed to them;
  • Choose respirators that are regarded for their efficiency;
  • Train workers in the proper use and maintenance of the equipment, as per the manufacturer’s standards (refer to page “Training”);
  • Implement and maintain a respiratory protection program.