Safety Harnesses – Fall protection

Don’t wait for accidents to happen.  By then, it will be too little too late. The plethora of dangerous situations encourages users to become very familiar with appropriate equipment. We keep the most popular fall protection equipment including protection for vertical lines, horizontal lines and confined spaces.

We feature safety harnesses and fall protection for various uses:

  • Basic light-weight safety harnesses;
  • Safety harnesses with lanyard for d-rings;
  • Safety harnesses with 3 position rings;
  • Safety harnesseswith 5 rings for confined spaces;
  • Cushioned safety harnesses to attach a tool bag;
  • And much more fall protection equipment.

Durable polyester or nylon energy-absorbing straps are available to reduce injuries when stopping. In addition, you may choose from a variety of safety hooks depending on your anchorage.

Our product selection also includes:

  • Copolymer, ultraline or nylon lines in various lengths for various uses;
  • Kits for roofers;
  • Kits for confined spaces including tripods and retractable lifelines;
  • Mobile or fixed anchoring devices that can be fastened to structures.

Please note that our products are supplied by recognized CSA-approved manufacturers.