Is it necessary to discard oil-drenched rags in rag bins? Are you required to store flammable liquids in cabinets or safety cans?
Regulatory bodies such as the fire department will definitely agree, while your insurance company may require you to manage these fire hazards.

If your manufacturing process requires flammable liquids, significant amounts may be stored across the plan thereby increasing fire hazards. Keep in mind that flammable liquids are associated with Class B fires which spread very quickly (refer to the fire extinguisher section).

Storing flammable products or liquids in open spaces is tantamount to setting a time-bomb in your own plant. Instead, flammable products or liquids should be stored in certified containers to limit the risk of spreading a fire and damaging the building.

Our selection of products caters to the needs of all industries that use such liquids and products. To meet certification requirements of Canadian insurers’, we give precedence to ULC-approved products when available.