Visual protection safety glasses offer a wide range of features and come in a variety of models and prices. How do you go about choosing the appropriate model? Sylprotec can help you through the process of finding the proper visual protection you need.

For starters, you should look for CSA-approved Z94.3 and ANSI Z87.1-2003 safety glasses. Based on that criterion, you may proceed to choose a model that will fit your budget and meet requirements in terms of visual protection, appearance, lighting conditions and work environment. For example:

  • Clear lenses for general interior use;
  • Grey, mirror, interior/exterior, red or blue lenses for exterior use;
  • Yellow lenses for dimly-lit environments;
  • Welding glasses tinted lenses;
  • Visual protection safety glasses to cover prescription glasses;–Splash-proof goggles;
  • Clear or tinted visual protection face shields for welding;
  • Frames that fit inside respirator masks;
  • OCC high-end safety glasses;
  • Accessories such as cleaning stations, neck cords and cases.

In addition, not all models are suited for everyone. Visual protection safety glasses come in various sizes where some models are better suited for women and others for men. Ultimately, you should account for all these elements to secure optimal comfort and visual protection. We also recommend that managers seek the input of the occupational health and safety committee. Simply put, workers will be more inclined to wear the visual protection safety glasses if they have a say in the selection of one or several models, rather than being excluded from the process.

As you know, people like to look good. So it comes as no surprise that people will worry more about their appearance than their safety. Be proactive for the benefit of your employees by choosing safe yet appealing models. Seeing your employees wear them more frequently will reward your efforts.