Our large selection of clothing addresses industrial, institutional, medical and personal needs. Our selection of clothing is washable or disposable, depending on your comfort and safety requirements, and best of all it’s affordable.

We offer clothing adapted to working environments that require protection against dust, liquids, oil, acids, corrosives, cold, heat and even fire, etc.

Our line of product includes:

  • Cotton or polyester-cotton lab coats for general use;
  • Cotton or polyester-cotton coveralls for general use;
  • Nomex coveralls to protect against fire;
  • Disposable Tyvek, Norgen or Tychem coveralls to protect against dust, asbestos, liquids, etc.;
  • Disposable polypropylene coveralls for general use;
  • Disposable nylon coveralls for paint rooms;
  • Jackets and reflective tape for car drivers;
  • Regular, high-visibility or stretchable raincoats;
  • Vinyl, PVC, neoprene or nitrile aprons and sleeves for industries;
  • Aprons and sleeve to protect welders from heat;
  • Net and bonnets used in the food and pharmaceutical industry;
  • Lifting belts;
  • Kneepads;
  • Work gloves;
  • And much more.

First and foremost, we focus on quality products that will meet safety requirement for all working conditions, while being so comfortable that workers will adopt them.